About Us

It  all  started  when  a  classmate  ask  me  if  I  wanted  to  accompany  him  to figure skating training. I was surprised that I love and I started to train and compete individually for 16 years.

Over the years the passion for this artistic sport not be to withered and have created a young and enterprising company dedicated to the design and manufacture  of  all  kinds  of  costumes  for  figure  skating  and  rhythmic gymnastics.

We design and manufacture all kinds of jerseys already are uniforms, training, competition,  group  show,  tracksuit...  Our  specialty  is  painted  by  hand  to achieve  results  of  great  quality  and  more  depth  with  airbrush  and Paintbrush. 

We  have  machinery  to  place  the  rhinestones  and  tissue  sublimation.  We create jerseys from an illusion that each athlete carries inside, for that we take  into  account  all  details  of  client,  music  with  which  its  exercise  and what wants to express on track or tapestry.